• G series lithium battery 1-1.8t

    According to the characteristics of industrial vehicles,it achieces safety protection design which includes……

  • H3 series 1-2.5t Lithium Battery Forklift

    H3 series lithium battery powered counterbalanced forklift truck

  • G3 series 4-5t Lithium-ion Forklift

    Perfect Combination of Aesthetics and Functional Design.

    New generation with characteristics of smart, safe, high efficiency, energy saving and environment friendly.

  • G2 series 1.5-2t Lithium-ion Forklift

    Rear handle with horn function contributes to stable sitting pose when travelling backward and driving comfort and safety.
    Automobile type direction switch effectively improve driving comfort level.

  • G2 series 2-3.5t lithium battery counterbalanced forklift

  • G series 8.5-10T Lithium Battery Forklift

    The vehicle adopts a new streamlined design, the appearance becomes smoother and more beautiful……

  • G3 Series 6-7t Lithium Battery Forklift

    Combine The Humanization Design Advantages Of Both IC Forklift & Electric Forklift

  • G3 Series 3-3.5 ton Dual-drive Lithium Battery Forklift

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